Is an Adjustable Trailer Hitch Right for You?

Posted on: 30 August 2016

Trailer hitches come in two common varieties. The first is the fixed trailer hitch. The second type is the adjustable trailer hitch. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks. This article discusses the pros and cons of adjustable trailer hitches. Use this information to help you to decide whether you should buy this type of hitch for your trailer.

The Benefits of Adjustable Trailer Hitches

It can work on different trailers: The biggest advantage of an adjustable trailer hitch is that it can be modified in order to accommodate different trailers. For instance, you can adjust its height upwards in case you are going to tow a bigger trailer behind your vehicle. This can save you from incurring the added cost of buying a hitch for each of the trailers that you own, such as a utility trailer and a boat trailer.

It is easy to operate: An adjustable trailer hitch does not require you to lubricate it each time you would like to adjust its height. This is because the pin and ball mechanism is flexible enough for the hitch to be adjusted effortlessly. This is unlike the fixed hitches that need to be lubricated each time you would like to remove them from the trailer.

The Drawbacks of Adjustable Trailer Hitches

They can be damaged more easily: Adjustable trailer hitches have many moving parts, such as the pin or ball. The presence of those moving parts creates a greater susceptibility to damage in case any of those parts aren't positioned correctly. For instance, the wrong placement of the pin after you have adjusted the height of the hitch can cause the hitch to fail because the pin may have been bent after being positioned wrongly. One must therefore be very careful when using this type of hitch.

It is easy to overload the hitch: Some people may be lulled into thinking that the adjustable hitch can be used on any trailer without thinking about the weight rating of that hitch. This is because such a person may think that the hitch height is all that is needed to confirm that the hitch can work on a given trailer. This can result in accidents when the overloaded hitch fails as you tow a trailer.

Weigh the benefits and drawbacks above carefully before you make your final decision about the suitability of an adjustable trailer hitch for your needs. Talk to trailer parts suppliers for additional help in picking the best hitch for your trailer if you are inexperienced in selecting trailer parts.