3 Benefits of Using a Common Rail Direct Injection System

Posted on: 12 April 2021

Common rail injection systems have a number of benefits in an engine. While indirect common rail injectors help control fuel going into the engine efficiently, direct injectors finesse this process to make it even more effective.

What are the advantages of using a common rail direct injection system?

1. Better Fuel Efficiency

Indirect common rail injection systems initially improved on the standard set-up of diesel engines. These systems help control the delivery of fuel via an air intake manifold system. The fuel sits in the manifold before being fed into the engine incrementally.

Direct systems bypass the manifold stage. Here, the injector releases fuel directly into the engine's combustion chamber. This is the hottest part of the system. When the fuel arrives there, it burns more evenly and effectively. Understandably, the more effectively you supply and burn fuel, the more efficiently the engine runs. So, if you use a direct system, you release fuel automatically on a needs-must basis.

The system automatically takes into factors like the speed of travel. You get more power when you need it and won't waste it when you don't. You also get an increase in fuel efficiency. In turn, this makes the engine more economical to run.

2. Smoother Running

Fuel injection systems can positively affect how smoothly an engine runs. If the system isn't precisely responsive to the engine's changing fuel needs as it runs, then the engine won't run smoothly all of the time. As such, if the engine can't run smoothly, then it might vibrate more than it should. It will also make more operating noise.

A common rail direct injector feeds fuel into the engine more responsively. It is more able to provide exactly the right amount of fuel at exactly the right time. So, engines run more smoothly and quietly.

3. Reduced Emissions

If an engine doesn't have an efficient combustion system, then it will give out higher emissions. Wasted fuel increases the number of released particulates and soot deposits. These materials aren't good for the environment. However, the increased efficiency of a direct common rail injection system helps keep emissions low. These systems use fuel a lot more efficiently than the norm. As a result, you don't waste much fuel at all. Less waste equals fewer emissions. Your engine runs a lot more cleanly and does less environmental damage.

To find out more about direct common rail injectors, contact car parts suppliers or manufacturers.