Common Power Steering System Problems

Posted on: 28 October 2019

A power steering system plays a significant role in a car. It applies the right pressure amount on the vehicle for smooth turning. If you suddenly start experiencing difficulties when turnign your vehicle or you start to hear strange noises, your power steering system may have an issue.

Fortunately, most power steering issues do not require costly or massive repairs. Here are some common problems you may experience, together with their practical solutions:

1. Slow responding steering wheel

If you notice that the wheel takes longer to respond, your steering pump could be failing. A whining sound usually accompanies most unresponsive steering wheels. The rigid steering is a non-hydraulic failure. When you experience it, use a code reader to find out the issue. 

However, if you do not have the code, it might be hard to find the root cause of the issue unless you contact an auto mechanic. In this case, you can examine the fuse box and check the battery voltage as well as the wire connectors. If that does not work, shut off the car and restart again.

2. Power steering fluid leak

A fluid leak is a severe threat to the power steering system. If the fluid leaks for an extended period, it might affect the efficiency and the safety of your car. Power steering fluid has a unique odour and is usually slick and dark brown.  

When you notice this type of leak, inspect the hose clamps thoroughly. If the hose clamps are okay, check the entire power steering rack. Commonly, the leaks happen when one of the parts has a crack.

3. Squealing and groaning noises

Cars may produce some squealing sounds normally without it being a cause for concern. These sounds, however, should not be intense. When the squealing noises become too much, then your power steering system might be having an issue. 

You may also sometimes experience some groaning noises which get worse with time. The groaning sound indicates that the steering system codes do not have enough fluids. To solve this, replace the fluid.

Vehicles with hydraulic or electric power steering systems experience different types of power steering issues. To reduce the occurrence of those problems, take your car for servicing on regular occasions. The auto mechanic will change the fluids, and examine the entire parts of the whole system. Depending on the degree of damage, the mechanic may decide to replace the old power steering system with a new one.

Contact a power steering mechanic service near you if your vehicle is experiencing any of these issues.