Are Your Heavy Vehicle Brakes Up to The Job?

Posted on: 24 September 2020

Whether you operate just one or a fleet of trucks on a commercial basis, you'll want to ensure that they are as efficient as possible. You'll need to focus on engine performance and make sure that you get the best fuel consumption, but you'll also need to pay close attention to safety. Why should you be particularly attentive when it comes to brake system degradation and should you think about upgrading your entire system?

Braking Systems

Most heavy-duty trucks today are fitted with a system that relies on regulated air pressure. This part of the process is governed by regulators, valves and hoses that supply the energy required to activate the brakes. Attentive vehicle operators will ensure that the component parts are in good condition so that the required pressure is ever-present, but remember, this is only part of the problem.

Stock or Better?

Your vehicle may be equipped with a mixture of brake discs and drums, depending on its age or manufacture preference. The parts involved here are typically engineered so that they will cope with average use, but you may need to look at ordering an upgrade in your case.

Additional Attention

If your truck or trucks regularly operate in an area known for its hilly or mountainous terrain, these discs or drums may be under significant pressure. If your vehicle drives in heavy traffic every day and has a stop/start schedule, pay even more attention.

Problems Arise

In particular, look at the linings and pads. As you know, these are made from friction material that is designed to degrade each time the brakes are applied. Yet they will also lose their efficiency quite quickly if they overheat under heavy use. Components within the pad or lining material will evaporate and as this happens, will create a sheen on top of the friction material. This will lead to a significant drop in efficiency and could cause damage to the interior of the drum or surface of the disc. This will cause both of these surfaces to glaze over, and this will make it a lot harder to slow down the truck.

Upgrade Time

When you take your vehicle in for its next scheduled service, make sure that the technician has a very close look at the individual components. If the linings appear to be compromised due to excess heat or the metallic components have begun to glaze over, then you need to upgrade to a better solution. Look for discs, drums, linings, pads and callipers that have been engineered carefully and offer better performance than the originals.

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