When a Body Lift Kit May Be Better Than a Suspension Lift Kit

Posted on: 6 September 2016

Two kinds of auto lift kits (body lifts and suspension lifts) exist on the market. Different factors should be considered when selecting which type of kit to install on a vehicle. This article discusses some reasons that would make it better for you to opt for body lift kits instead of suspension lift kits.

Inexperience with Lift Kits

Lift kits may change the handling of your vehicle. Suspension lift kits cause the most significant changes because they lift the vehicle to a greater height in comparison to body lift kits. It may therefore be advisable for you to install a body lift kit first so that you get used to driving a vehicle that has been lifted. You can then graduate to the suspension lift kit in case you feel that you are ready to handle the changes, such as a rougher ride, that may come with installing such a lift kit.

Occasional Off-Road Driving

Different types of lift kits appeal to vehicle owners who drive in different conditions. For instance, those who frequently drive off-road prefer suspension lift kits. This may be because such a lift kit raises the suspension system of the vehicle to such an extent that it becomes harder for obstacles, such as rocks, to damage the components under the carriage of the car. Those who only occasionally drive off-road may be content with installing body lift kits because such drivers may not be concerned about the ground clearance of their vehicles. This may be particularly true for people who mainly drive in urban centers.

When Suspension Lifts Affect User-Friendliness

A body lift kit may be a better choice if you suspect that a suspension lift kit may cause several inconveniences to you as you use your vehicle. For instance, the raised profile of the 4x4 may make it very hard for females who are wearing evening gowns and high-heeled shoes to get into the truck. This may be because the stepping boards may have been raised so high that it may be difficult to get into the vehicle.

As you can see, the specific conditions under which you drive, as well as your personal preferences, may determine which particular kind of lift kit would be suitable for your vehicle. It may therefore be helpful for you to discuss your needs with a lift kit expert so that he or she can guide you about the most appropriate type of lift kit for your needs. Contact a company that offers 4WD lift kits for more info.