Five Fun Tech Devices to Add to Your Vehicle

Posted on: 18 January 2017

If you've purchased a used vehicle, you may want to retrofit it with some contemporary amenities. Technology advances by leaps and bounds every year, and whether you drive a Toyota, a Ford, or something else, there are lots of fun tech devices that may have entered the marketplace or become more affordable since you bought your vehicle. Here are some items to consider.

1. Back Up Camera

Back up cameras are available for specific vehicles such as the Toyota Tundra, but you can also buy cameras that are compatible with multiple types of vehicles. A back up camera features a small camera that gets attached somewhere near your back tail light. This camera sends video to a small screen which hangs from your ceiling, near your rearview mirror.

2. Satellite Radio

A satellite radio gives you access to hundreds of stations, and with the right subscriptions, you can listen to everything from Disney radio for the kids to stations that play your favourite tunes. You can buy satellite radios for most vehicles, and you can buy special kits so that they fit in your vehicle.

3. Interface Connections For The iPod

Similarly, if your radio has an satellite or auxiliary button, you can leverage that to connect an iPod to your car. There are Toyota parts specialists, for example, make iPod interface connections that hook the iPod to your existing stereo.

These connectors don't just cause the iPod's sounds to come out the speakers. Instead, these interface facilitators actually let you control the iPod with the buttons on your car's stereo or your steering wheel. As you don't have to look at the iPod to deal with it, that can boost your entertainment levels without risking your safety.

4. Wireless Headphones

Want your passengers to be able to listen to music or watch movies while you drive? Then, you may want to think about wireless headphones. You can get wireless headphones that are designed to sync with the stereo systems of many major manufacturer's vehicles. They let your passengers enjoy the ride while giving you the peace and quiet you need to focus on driving. Alternatively, you can find wireless headphones that work with aftermarket stereos and TVs.

5. Portable Hard Drive With Built-In Wi-Fi

Unlike the other items on this list, this device isn't necessarily sold by auto parts dealers, but it can be invaluable, especially for long road trips. If you don't have wi-fi in your vehicle, you can simulate that effect with a portable hard drive. You simply download your favorite films or albums to the hard drive. Then, you use the wi-fi component to stream that media to your phone, tablet, laptop, or iPod.

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