Improving the Efficiency of Your Diesel Engine

Posted on: 5 September 2017

Unleaded regular fuel has seen a steady rise in popularity with motorists. However, this does not mean that diesel is becoming obsolete. Since diesel is much cheaper, it remains a cost effective option for people who would like to maintain low fuel economy for their vehicles. Moreover, diesel engines to be highly efficient, which keeps them relevant in the Australian motor industry. Nonetheless, to keep your diesel engine at optimum performance, you would need to provide it with the proper care and maintenance. The following are some tips you could employ to improve the efficiency of your diesel engine.

Consider switching to biodiesel

Over the years, more and more people are looking toward green living in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint. Green living solutions are not limited to your household though. You can also practice green living with the fuel that your vehicle uses. Biodiesel is one such alternative that is being touted to be an eco-friendly option when compared to regular diesel. The use of biodiesel drastically reduces emissions from your vehicle, making your diesel engine environmentally friendly. Additionally, since biodiesel does not comprise numerous chemicals, it is also easy on your engine. One thing to note though with biodiesel is that it is not capable of providing you with the same mileage as you would get with regular diesel so your fuel costs may increase.

Consider including additives to your diesel

A misconception people have is that fuel additives are only essential when using low-quality diesel products. Although the fuel additives do help in improving quality of the fuel, they can also be used to enhance the efficiency of your engine. The only reason that regular fuel does not need additives is that it is much more refined than diesel whereas diesel tends to be heavy, making it susceptible to losing its initial high-performance properties. Some of the additives that you could contemplate for your diesel can help with increasing performance of the engine during colder seasons, lubricity and the stability of the fuel.

Consider the pressure of your tyres

Improper tyre pressure does not only make it difficult to drive your vehicle. Low tyre pressure will affect your fuel mileage too. If your tyres are not making contact with the road correctly, you will find that your car is consuming more fuel as your engine starts to overwork. For you to maintain optimum fuel efficiency with your diesel engine, it would be advisable to have your tyre pressure checked routinely.

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