Why You May Need to Upgrade the Turbo on Your Current Vehicle

Posted on: 2 January 2018

A large number of vehicles that roll off the end of a manufacturer's production line these days are equipped with a turbocharger. It's become a very efficient way of providing some performance while using a smaller engine, as a nod to the environmentalists. Yet the "stock" turbocharger fitted to your car or truck may not be sufficient for your needs in certain circumstances and you may want to think about an upgrade. What do you need to consider?

Why Modify?

Certainly, if you plan to enter your vehicle into any type of competition, race or rally, then you certainly need to upgrade the turbo to provide more straight-line speed and a more responsive engine. However, most people who are thinking about improvements will want to do so for one of two reasons. Either they will be the outdoor type, who plans to tow a caravan or boat trailer, or they will be an enthusiast who is simply looking for more performance while on the road.

Why a Turbo Upgrade Is Important

Many people start to upgrade by working on the engine and introducing some serious modifications. When they do this, it's likely that they will remap the computer and add a larger exhaust and air intake. Very quickly, the standard turbocharger will reach its performance limit and those other modifications will not make as much of a difference as initially intended. This is because the amount of power any engine generates is a result of how much fuel and air (in a very precise ratio) is injected into each cylinder. The maximum performance of the turbocharger is based on a predetermined airflow capacity and while standard units do have some leeway, they will very soon reach their limit. If you were to proceed without an upgraded turbocharger, the existing unit would quickly become inefficient and might fail, causing damage to other parts as well.

Mapping It Out

If you're looking for ultimate performance, you first need to set specific goals before deciding what to upgrade. Set a target for the amount of power that you want to pull out of your engine and bear in mind efficiency and reliability, so that you are always realistic. If you're simply fitting a larger turbo to give you more towing capacity, you'll also need to set a benchmark and then get the necessary modifications to help you reach that goal.

Getting Expert Input

Chat with your performance parts supplier, so that you get the right type of turbocharger before you start any work.